Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hi all!

I really appreciate you visited my site and voted for the site. This site help you guys in your module test and also in final exam. Those who said no, i also accepted there vote and happy to get it because no one is perfect. By looking those no votes I am trying to look and get more CCNA final exam of CISCO. I hope i will get them soon and upload here.

Thanks once again to all of you, please do visit the website and link on Adsense as well. If you have any query or if you like something/information to add on this blog please do email me or write on comment box.

Thank you all and best of luck in your life!!


  1. is ccna exploraton4 final comming soon?
    tnx for all this it helped me a lot!

  2. Yes definitely.
    I will upload it soon, I am bit busy at the moment but you will find it soon.

    thanks for your comment. I really appreciate your effort.


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  4. I really appreciate your effort
    i have another set with me, due to some busy schedule
    i am not getting time to upload it,
    but you have any question just email me at "fahadtabani at gmail dot com" or leave as a comment
    i will try to solve your problem.


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  6. Dear Sir, thank you for this is great site! if you please could you put the other final exam ccna1 exploration coz there is two sets and i did the second set and i faild so i still have one chance please could you send me the answers for this exam. thank you dear

  7. Hi fahed thanks for all this help & ur time spending to make this website i would to thank u too much thats great !!
    but i have a question whats the different betwee the 2 final exams their gona be 2 versions or paper & web exam
    CCNA Final Exam Answers - Paper 1
    Final Exam Answer
    please if u wana mail me on

  8. Hey!
    Thank you for hosting such a great website. I came here to thank you, not beg you for answers... haha!

    Take care,

  9. To loosecannon,
    Hi brother,
    thank you very much for visiting my blog and post a comment on it, i really appreciate your effort.
    people are here to help each other, if you can also help these guys through this blog it will be helpful for them.
    thank you once again
    best of luck


  10. Hi maher,
    Cisco has database of questions, the paper which i did and the paper which my friend did were different so i got two papers of it and put on my website. thats is why there are 2 sets of final exam and one more on its way.
    i hope you get this time, for more questions don't hesitate to put comments or email me at fahadtabani at gmail dot com
    thank you


  11. ur a big help...tnx so much... ^_____^

  12. thank u very much for ur answer.
    i really appreciate of ur answer
    my go d bless u put u in best paradise...

  13. Hi All,
    I hope every one will doing with Grace of God.Is any body have a Final Exam Solved Paper of CCNA 1.If some one have please mail me at i shall be rally thank to him .Thanks

  14. Hi, I am looking for the final exams also. Please email me Thanks!!! Awesome site, helped me tremendously :)

  15. hai brother thanku very much for your answer it's really good plz post ccna final exam key thanku yours sri