Monday, May 31, 2010

1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards

1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards & New Media UnConference 2010

May 28th, 1998 was the day of proud PAKISTANI. This day is commonly known as Yum – e – Takbeer, when Pakistan successfully tested its nuclear technology. Friday the 28th May, 2010 CIO Pakistan and Google gave me and more bloggers like me a great chance for being social and get together with talented bloggers of Pakistan. They hosted a dominant and successful event “1st Annual Pakistan Blog Awards and New Media UnConference 2010” and gave more than 250 bloggers and corporate to come out of virtual world and socialize oneself. The event presenter was none other than our favourite MADAM RABIA GARIB one of the most talented and charming personality. The experience was nice and ended in a splendid manner including the prizes won by the best bloggers in more than 40 categories.
To find and read more about it follow the link ----- > BLOG AWARDS

Hope it will help you in your learning.Best of Luck and keep visiting the Blog.