Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CCNA 4 Exploration - Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 - Correct Answers

What application layer protocol is commonly used to support for file transfers between a client and a server?

--> FTP

What are two forms of application layer software? (Choose two.)

--> Application

--> Services

A network administrator is designing a network for a new branch office of twenty-five users. What are the advantages of using a client-server model? (Choose two.)

--> centralized administration

--> security is easier to enforce

What is the purpose of resource records in DNS?

--> Used by the server to resolve names

What is the automated service that matches resource names with the required IP address?

--> DNS

What three protocols operate at the Application layer of the OSI model? (Choose three.)

--> DNS

--> SMTP

--> POP

What are three properties of peer-to-peer applications? (Choose three.)

--> acts as both a client and server within the same communication

--> hybrid mode includes a centralized directory of files

--> can be used in client-server networks

Which application layer protocols correctly match a corresponding function? (Choose two.)

--> HTTP transfers data from a web server to a client

--> Telnet provides a virtual connection for remote access

Which email components are used to forward mail between servers? (Choose two.)

--> MTA

--> SMTP

As compared to SSH, what is the primary disadvantage of telnet?

--> Does not support encryption

Which statements are correct concerning the role of the MTA in handling email? (Choose three.)

--> receives email from the client's MUA

--> passes email to the MDA for final delivery

--> uses SMTP to route email between servers

Which two protocols are used to control the transfer of web resources from a web server to a client browser? (Choose two.)

--> HTTP


A small home network has been installed to interconnect three computers together for gaming and file sharing. What two properties represent this network type? (Choose two.)

--> Security is difficult to enforce.

--> A computer that responds to a file sharing request is functioning as a server.

Which layer of the OSI model supplies services that allow user to interface with the network?

--> Application

Refer to the exhibit. What is the destination port for the communication that is represented on line 5?

--> 80

What are two characteristics of peer-to-peer networks? (Choose two.)

--> Decentralized resources

--> Resource sharing without a dedicated server

What application layer protocol describes the services that are used for file sharing in Microsoft networks? (Be careful its asking in Microsoft network)

--> SMB

What are two characteristics of clients in data networks? (Choose two.)

--> initiate data exchanges

--> may upload data to servers

What is the role of the OSI application layer?

--> provides the interface between the applications on either end of the network

How does the application layer on a server usually process multiple client request for services?

--> uses support from lower layer functions to distinguish between connections to the service

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